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Tailgreat: How to Crush it at Tailgaiting

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by John Currence
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You may be wondering what a New York bookstore has to say about tailgating, given that none of the folks you see behind the counter own cars. And we’d pretty much have to leave the state to do any kind of actual tailgating.

Well, what we do know is John Currence’s food. This chef of several highly acclaimed restaurants in Oxford, Mississippi once catered a wedding Matt attended in the hollowed out shell of a New Orleans church that had no kitchen facilities whatsoever. So let it be known that Currence knows how to serve great food in the most improvisational of circumstances. Even if current social protocols mean you’re not entertaining huge crowds in a parking lot or your own dining room, Tailgreat offers smart, flavorful, casual food that will be welcome anywhere you serve it.

Stop us if this is food that you’re served at every party you attend, but we’d show up anywhere with Indian-spiced oyster cracker chaat, grilled wedge salads on a stick with black pepper ranch dressing, or a spicy five-bean salad. And maybe we’d back that up with poblano pepper and caramelized onion queso fundido, green onion and country ham hush puppies, or snickerdoodle whoopie pies.

It’s great to think about entertaining this way again.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

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