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Synergetic Stew: Explorations in Dymaxion Dining

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by Jamie Snyder
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Republished in 2020 as a limited edition in honor of Buckminster Fuller’s 125th birthday, this is a culinary tribute to the man who popularized the word synergy as well as the geodesic dome. A fascimile except for the addition of a single essay and notes on contributors at the back, it offers a dazzling array of practical and visionarily impractical recipes from an equally dazzling array of Fuller’s friends.

Among those who wrote in honor of Fuller are John Cage—offering a nine-page exhortation to the macrobiotic diet, complete with recipes—John Ciardi, John Denver, Werner Erhard, Margaret Mead, Yehudi Meduin, Ed Muskie, and Isamu Noguchi, every one of them culturally significant in fields as varied as music, poetry, anthropology, and politics at the time of the book’s publication and long after. Brief excerpts from Fuller’s own works appear, often chosen with an eye toward whimsy, such as “Metrically Baby,” a song to be sung to the tune of “Melancholy Baby.”

Fascinating, offbeat, and erudite.

Wire spiral. Line drawings.

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