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Sweet Middle East: Classic Recipes from Baklava to Fig Ice Cream

Sweet Middle East: Classic Recipes from Baklava to Fig Ice Cream

Anissa Helou
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Anissa Helou is one of favorite go-to authors for things Middle Eastern, so we’re delighted to see her attractive new collection representing the entire region. We especially like the fact that she has included the names of dishes in Arabic, Turkish, Persian, or other appropriate language, and that she shares with us the background of the treats and many of their ingredients. Some goodies, such as the almond pudding known as kishk al-fuquara, are eaten widely across the region, while others are associated with a particular place. Other attractions: apricot leather ice cream from Lebanon, a cardamom-scented sponge cake from Qatar, or some Turkish pistachio shortbread. Color photographs throughout. Hardcover.  
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