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A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches

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by Tyler Kord
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We’re all adults here, right? Well, you’ll only be upset by this book if you have some very firm ideas about what makes a proper sandwich, can’t brook change, and strongly dislike the occasional egregious pun. Also, glib asides.

Kord is the chef of No. 7 Sub, a mini-chain of NYC restaurants where diners frolic through the fields of sandwich liberation. For the only mildly adventurous, the No. 7 Sub Club sneaks in some jalapeño mayo, barbecue potato chips, and the best thing that ever happened to iceberg lettuce. Vegetarians can jam their hot dog buns with roasted asparagus, tomato-mayo, fried garlic and a splash of lime juice. And if you’re ready to throw caution to the winds, crisp up some pepperoni, pickle some mushrooms, puree some yellow squash, slice up a Granny Smith, and layer it all on a hamburger bun for a sandwich called Positive Mental Attitude. In short, there is no risk that you have seen these recipes over and over again before.

Color photographs throughout with occasional art by William Wegman. Hardcover.


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