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Stories of Japanese Tea: the Regions, the Growers, and the Craft

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by Zach Mangan
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A compact but rich illustrated guide to Japanese tea, this is a serious appreciation written by an American importer who is recognized in Japan for his knowledge and passion.

Addressing the history, varieties, and culture surrounding tea, Zach Mangan conveys respect and enthusiasm for Japan's millennia-old relationship with tea. Through profiles of and interviews with leading growers he highlights the differences between teas such as sencha, matcha, gyokuro, bancha, houjicha, and genmaicha, explaining how they are cultivated, harvested, processed, and brewed.

Subsequent chapters demystify teapots and brewing, provide sample recipes for cooking with tea, touch briefly on possible health benefits, and highlight tea's versatility in cold drinks—including cocktails.

Mangan writes with clarity and restraint, although one can sense that his enthusiasm could carry him to much greater length.

Paperback. Color photographs throughout.

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