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Stay Me With Flagons: A Book About Wine and Other Things

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by Maurice Healy
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Stay Me With Flagons is an opinionated guide to the world of wine as it appeared to Maurice Healy in the years just prior to World War II. He shares his advice and thoughts on wine, spirits, beer, food pairings, and imbibing in general. The book offers regional histories, notes great houses and vintages, and ends up being as much travelogue as instruction manual.

Funny and engaging, Stay Me with Flagons offers a wide, open window into the mind of the author and his friends as they drank their way across pre-war Europe. "Forgive him his prejudices," Fiona Morrison asks in her introduction to this edition, "his chauvanistic views of women's palates, the obstinacy in his views and old-fashioned style, and you'll find much of the pleasure of this book comes from indulging him and letting his booming voice leap from the pages with gusto."

Healy, an Irish-born barrister working in London, first published the book in 1940. Wartime shortages quickly drove it out of print and it became a collector's item before being reprinted numerous times over the ensuing years.

Stay Me with Flagons is one of the Academie du Vin Library's Classic Editions, chosen, in the words of Hugh Johnson, for being "elegant, informative, inspiring, often eccentric and frequently witty."

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