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Spring 2024 Cookbook Club

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The Spring Cookbook Club is completely filled. Click here to learn about the exciting summer season!

Join other curious, adventurous cooks to explore specially chosen cookbooks and go beyond the experience of cooking. 

  • Dive into the culture behind the cooking styles. Understand what makes them unique and how they developed
  • Increase your kitchen skills through personalized instruction from renowned culinary instructor and historian Annette Tomei
  • Make friends with like-minded cooks from all over the country
  • Expand your culinary experiences, learning about new techniques, ingredients, and flavors

You’ll receive:

  • One specially selected cookbook each month
  • Thoughtfully planned menu “assignments” and additional curated information
  • Two 90-minute scheduled Zoom discussion sessions per month (recorded in case you can’t make it at the last minute)
  • One monthly Q&A session with the authors or someone else relevant (during the scheduled sessions or in addition)
  • Access to a private moderated community on Google Classroom

Each month you’ll:

  • Cook confidently from a new cookbook
  • Learn what other cooks discovered and liked from the same book
  • Share your success stories and ask questions about what you cooked and ate
  • Be guided by Chef Annette, who has more than 30 years of experience as a cooking instructor and restaurant chef, as well as a master’s degree in gastronomy

Spring 2024: Legendary Women Cookbook Authors, Part 2

This is a 3-month membership.

The club meets online from 7:00-8:30 pm, Eastern Time. Dates below.


What if I already own one of these books?

Let us know when you sign up and we'll help you choose another book for your libary.

What if I am only interested in one of the books?

You can sign up for single book sessions at the links below. You'll get all the same materials relevant to that book.

What if I love the KAL Cookbook Club so much that I want to sign up for a full year's worth of sessions?

We've got you! Sign up here for a full year membership.


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