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The Sportsman

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by Stephen Harris
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A self-described “grotty run-down pub by the sea,” The Sportsman is actually a Michelin-starred restaurant in a salt marsh north of Canterbury that is fully putting the idea of serving local foods into practice. Harris, who is largely self-taught, serves up deceptively simple fare that reminds us strongly of Fergus Henderson’s loyalty to traditional foods but also reflects the chef’s curiosity about the work of his colleagues around the world.

You’ll find pickled herring on soda bread lightly layered with cream cheese and apple jelly; partridge and celeriac “risotto;” and cod baked with chestnuts, parsley, and bacon. But you’ll also discover equally simple dishes inspired by David Kinch, René Redzepi, and Michel Bras. In the US, at least, The Sportsman is better known among professional cooks than the general public but this book makes a powerful argument for changing that.

Color photographs throughout. Hardcover.

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