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A Spirited Guide to Vermouth: An Aromatic Journey With Botanical Notes, Classic Cocktails and Elegant Recipes

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by Jack Adair Bevan
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A British restaurateur and mixologist, Bevan is part of the team that created The Collector, an artisan vermouth that was an early part of a wave of new, small-batch versions of this fortified, aromatized wine. While for some people vermouth is taken for granted, there are those who relish its complexity and potential range, and Bevan’s book is written just for them.

The first third of the book covers the somewhat murky history of vermouth and its many cousins, such as amaro. There are also notes on the many different botanicals used in vermouth, leading producers, and instructions for serving vermouth on its own. But the heart of the book is a comprehensive array of recipes for cocktails where vermouth plays a significant role, from classics such as the martini and the Manhattan to topical concoctions like the Gin and (Brex)it.

There are also two recipes for creating your own vermouth.


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