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Specialty Coffee; Growing Coffee, Coffee Roasting, Making Coffee, the Coffee Bus

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by Katrien Pauwels
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Written by a Belgian coffee roaster, this is a passionate guide to all stages of coffee production, from its growth and harvest to roasting, brewing, and serving.

Handsomely photographed, Specialty Coffee provides solid details about a range of fundamentals, including the varietals harvested in more than 70 coffee-growing countries and the harvest seasons. Coverage of the coffee trade itself includes discussion of ethical issues associated with various forms of international exchange.

There are step-by-step photo sequences demonstrating the progressive degrees of coffee roasting, and also the process of "cupping," by which professional tasters help roasters make the most of their beans.

Most discussion of brewing and storing coffee is directed to those who are doing so in small batches, whether for home use or in specialty shops or restaurants. Also included are profiles of an assortment of European coffee roasters, which highlight their differences in approach.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

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