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Sollo: La Cocina De Rio/River Cuisine

Sollo: La Cocina De Rio/River Cuisine

Diego Gallego
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At his Michelin-starred restaurant in Malaga, Gallegos is re-inventing Andalusian cuisine.

While many of his fellow chefs in Spain have relied solely on technique to overthrow tradition, Gallegos has been replacing one classic ingredient—pork—with another: freshwater fish, including native, invasive, and farmed species.

Eel, salmon, sturgeon, trout, and crayfish are among the river creatures that make their way in to his cuisine, along with their roes. Dramatic presentation photographs increase the impact of dishes such as eel with soy-cherry sauce; slow cooked egg with porcini mushrooms and cured tilapia roe; and sturgeon chorizo.

In English and Spanish. Color photographs throughout. Hardcover.

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