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Simply Nigella; Feel Good Food

Simply Nigella; Feel Good Food

Nigella Lawson
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Our Nigella fascination goes back to How to Eat, her original cookbook, in which there were very few photographs and our pleasure came as much from her recipe notes as from the dishes themselves. Simply Nigella reminds us very much of that refreshingly opinionated first book: a collection of good food from a talented cook with the kinds of things to say which will pay dividends in many other cooking endeavors. We could all use some of Nigella’s boldness. A few examples of her style: tamarind-marinated flank steak; porcini and parsnip purée; warm spiced cauliflower and chick pea salad with pomegranate seeds. Hard to turn more than a few pages without wanting to cook. Color photographs throughout. Hardcover.  
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