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Book Cover: Short Stack Rhubarb

Short Stack Rhubarb

Sheri Castle
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Rhubarb! Some folks can't stand it, but for others it's a magical ingredient with the power to deliver a mouth-puckering delight. (Those are the folks we're talking to here.) Sheri Castle understands just how versatile an ingredient rhubarb is, taking it far beyond the comforting familiarity of rhubarb pie. Consider for a moment the appeal of rhubarb-pineapple salsa, or a rhubarb barbecue sauce. And if the sun has been beating you down of late, fight back with a glass thirst-quenching rhubarb shrub! The Short Stack series always features a single ingredient given its fullest due by an experienced cook. There's not a weak book in the set. But if we had to choose a favorite... Paperback.

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