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Short Stack Lemons

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by Alison Roman
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At some point, as our culinary sophistication grows, we cease recoiling in shock from from the tart, mouth-puckering taste of lemon and begin to relish its ability to bring other tastes into contrast. Paired with a rich pastry crust, cutting through the briny flavors of seafood, or adding high notes to the earthy bass of roasted root vegetables, lemon has power. Alison Roman, a senior food editor at Bon Appetit, says that lemon is "the single most interesting, versatile, beautiful, and delicious thing you can cook with." And as her recipes in this attractive little volume demonstrate, she's got a gift for knowing just what to do with them: a ginger shandy for summer barbecues; whole-lemon salsa verde to dress everything from rice to roasted chicken; coconut-lemon tea cake for those just-because moments.   Paperback.

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