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The Sausage of the Future

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by Carolien Niebling
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Humans have been making sausage for something in the range of 5000 years, first as a means of avoiding waste by preserving animal proteins, and then because we liked what could be done with them. Niebling, a graduate of and researcher at a Swiss art and design university, wondered how, given anticipated constraints in the food supply due to issues of climate and population, sausage making ideas of the past could be adapted to a wider range of foods.

After offering short histories of traditional techniques and ingredients, she plunges into an exploration of alternative ingredients that range from bone and insects to pumpkin seeds and nettles. The small cluster of recipes that follows range from a mild mortadella studded with vegetables to an apple boudin and a pâté made from mealworm flour. These are not meant to be definitive, but jumping off points for experimentation.

Color photos and illustrations throughout. Paperback.

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