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Sarogini's Sri Lanka Food

Sarogini's Sri Lanka Food

Sarogini Kamalanathan
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This award-winning book is published in Australia and presents the Sri Lankan home cooking of a beloved culinary instructor who was born and raised near Hatton, the center of the Sri Lankan tea trade.

Colorfully illustrated with photos of both the prepared recipes and with images from Sri Lankan towns and countrysides, the book offers a range of traditional foods, many learned by the author from her mother, as well as adaptations she has developed in the decades since she left the island.

Renowned Sri Lankan dishes such as hoppers (a rice pancake often served with an egg fried in the middle) are included, as are plenty of other rice dishes and flavorful vegetable side dishes. 

A lamb curry is enriched with cashews instead of the almonds typically used in Indian kormas. Another curry of eggplants and green bananas is lightly spiced and given the tang of tamarind. Beets, both the roots and leaves, are stir-fried with spices and fresh coconut. There is even a Sri Lankan Christmas cake laden with dried fruit as well as preserved pumpkin, fresh ginger, and chow chow.

Colorful and enticing.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

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