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Rose's Ice Cream Bliss

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by Rose Levy Beranbaum
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Renowned as a baker for works such as The Cake Bible and Rose's Baking Basics, Rose Levy Beranbaum confesses, "the sweet I love most to eat is frozen, not baked—ICE CREAM—and that is why I have written this book." Which is a boon to anyone who also loves ice cream.

Beranbaum's signature combination of exacting recipes with the results of endless technique experimentation provides more than 65 recipes for brilliantly flavored ice creams, including an abundance of tricky fruit-flavored ice creams in which she has tamed the threat of iciness due to the high water content of fruit.

While some ice cream books appeal by throwing bizarre combinations of flavors and mix-ins together, Rose's Ice Cream Bliss shines for an array of pure flavors that seems to have eluded other writers, who may have resorted to sorbet rather than ice cream. So you'll find here pineapple, concord grape, pear, apricot, pomegranate, lemon, orange, and grapefruit, all true ice creams.

Classic chocolate and vanilla are here as well, and unusual delights such as dark brown sugar ice cream with black pepper, stretchy Turkish ice cream, even a raspberry butterscotch sauce. Rose will also show you how to brandy your own cherries, make your own waffle cones, and delight friends, family, and yourself with treats such as an upside down frozen lemon meringue pie and a watermelon ice cream bombe. Go on, show off a little.

Measurements are in both weight and volume. Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.  

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