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The Relation Between Us

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by Bo Bech
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In this gorgeous, fascinating book, Danish chef Bo Bech shares images, stories, and inspiration he has found in worldwide travels, from the dining room at Arpège in Paris to a Columbia coffee plantation to an eel stand in Kyoto.

There are recipes—suggestions, really, fueled by the places Bech has watched a simple ingredient prepared to enhance its most elemental qualities—but it's the vivid photographs taken in fields and kitchens, on streets, mountainsides, and beaches, that convey so much about how people enjoy food. As the chef says, this is "a book about spontaneity, taking risks and experiencing the world through all your senses: tasting and smelling, touching and hearing, and, most of all, seeing. Spotting an ingredient, observing a ritual, seeing the bigger picture."

Completely, compellingly captivating.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout. 368 pages.

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