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Book Cover: Provence to Pondicherry: Recipes from France and Faraway`

Provence to Pondicherry: Recipes from France and Faraway`

Tessa Kiros
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Kiros, whose lovely books always evoke the pleasures of food and travel, here explores French food and its influence on places where the country had a colonial presence. In between an opening chapter on Provence and a closing chapter on Normandy, Kiros visits Guadeloupe, Vietnam, Pondicherry, and La Reunion.
Her notes on French influence are more impressionistic than systematic, and it’s often the case that she highlights the best of local cooking rather than just those dishes bearing a French imprint. The La Reunion chapter is almost worth the price of the book alone, since this island off Madagascar has scarcely been treated in English. It’s clear that French is not the only far-away culture to have a culinary impact there, as Indian and Chinese influences appear as well.
Handsome color photos of local scenery as well as the food. Hardcover

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