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Pie Academy: Master the Perfect Crust And 255 Amazing Fillings With Fruits, Nuts

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by Ken Haedrich
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The author of more than a dozen baking books and an experienced culinary instructor, Ken Haedrich caught the baking bug from watching his father bake pies. This book, an extensive revision of his 2004 work, Pie, is a deep dive into piemaking for anyone determined to gain command over the art.

With advice on everything from choosing a rolling pin and selecting the right fat for your crust to storing apples you’ve brought home from the orchard and using mason jar lids as mini-pie pans, Haedrich writes confidently and from long experience. His impressive range of recipes evokes childhood nostalgia, the thrifty resourcefulness of a home gardener, and a fully modern sense of flavor.

Among your options here: fresh raspberry pie with a crumb topping; peach-mango pie; watermelon rind pie; pear pie with maple and candied ginger; caramel-coffee hazelnut pie; strawberry baked Alaska pie. There are more than 240 other choices as well.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

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