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Petits Propos Culinaires 74

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Some of the world’s most adventurous food historians contribute to this thrice-yearly journal of articles and excerpts from works in progress. The emphasis is on plain writing rather than jargon. Among the articles in this issue:

Life on Another Edge - Anthony Lyman-Dixon
Three Poems - Yvonne Green
A Natural History of the Ice Pudding - Ivan Day
Celebrating a Hawaian Lu’au - Jeanelle Kam with Rachel Laudan
Thomas Tryon’s ‘A Bill of Fare of Seventy Five Noble Dishes’ - Anne O’Connell
Thomas Tyron’s A Bill of Fare Of Seventy five Noble Dishes of Excellent Food, far exceeding those made of Fish or Flesh, which Banquet I present to the Sons of Wisdom, or such as shall decline that depraved Custom of Eating Flesh and Blood - Anne O’Connell
A Dutch Translation of Bartolomeo Scappi’s Opera - Jozeph Schildermans and Hilde Sels
Food and Folklore in the United Arab Emirates - Philip Iddison
Tante Evelyn’s Spinach Pie - Audrey Levy
Junk Food, Junk Life? - Lynne Chatterton
The Food of the Medieval Poor - Maria Moisà
English Wines and Tipples

In memorium for George Perry-Smith

As always, there are book reviews as well.

Paperback. In English. 

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