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Pesto: The Modern Mother Sauce

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by Leslie Lennox
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Nearly anyone who has made a traditional pesto has been tempted to play with the proportions of ingredients, mix in some additional herbs. and, in short, have some fun with something that is easy to adapt. Leslie Lennox, co-founder of the Atlanta-based Hope's Gardens, which supplies herbs and pesto to some of that city's finest restaurants, as well as to specialty retailers around the US, has plenty of experience and ideas to share in this vein.

Her approach is informal, "more of an outline than a prescription," as she says, urging people to adapt to abundance from their gardens and adjust to dietary needs and personal tastes. She suggests combinations like pairing roasted jalapeño with cilantro, spinach with candied pecans, or mint with green peas. With these in your pantry, you can add flavor bursts to everything from a roasted vegetable sandwich or deviled eggs to chicken noodle soup or roast pork tenderloin.

Practical and very useful for gardeners!

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.


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