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Pastry Revolution 56

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Published four times a year in Spain, Pastry Revolution is like Art Culinaire for baking professionals: a hip, up-to-date survey of the work of leading practitioners, kitted out with slick presentation photography, short profiles of featured chefs and cooks, and, of course, recipes.

This particular issue, however, is devoted to 2,200 short-form recipes. The concise formulas for diverse components are grouped into 28 different categories, ranging from foams, ganaches, and glazes to ice creams, sponges, and enriched breads. Instructions are terse, clearly assuming that the user is already familiar with professional pastry kitchens and techniques.

The recipes are not attributed to particular chefs, unlike those in the So Good Recipes series.  And unlike The Pastry Chef's Little Black Book, which contains many fewer formulas, the print in this issue of Pastry Revolution is small. And it is worth noting that, as with every issue of PR, this one is solely in Spanish.

Paperback. Color photographs throughout. In Spanish.

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