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Pastry Revolution 51

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Published four times a year in Spain, Pastry Revolution is like Art Culinaire for baking professionals: a hip, up-to-date survey of the work of leading practitioners, kitted out with slick presentation photography, short profiles of featured chefs and cooks, and, of course, recipes.

This issue was part of a series monochromatic deserts, this issue celebrating sunny yellows and oranges.  From the namesake fruit itself to mangos, yuzu, cantaloupe and more, this is certainly a great issue for fruit lovers.  There are also some beautiful breads--It wouldn't be an issue of Pastry Revolution without them-- that gain their vibrancy from turmeric, butter, and egg yolks to round the issue out for lovers of savory baking. 

Paperback.  Beautiful color photographs throughout. In Spanish

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