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Parsi: From Persia to Bombay: Recipes & Tales from the Ancient Culture

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by Fraokh Talati
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The Parsis are descendants of Persians who emigrated to India more than a thousand years ago, There they retained religious practices that were no longer permitted in their former homeland, and developed a distinct culture with its own cuisine.

This collection of traditional Parsi fare reveals Persian roots influenced by long exposure to Indian practices. And here and there, the author displays a flourish we attribute to his position as head chef at St. John Bread and Wine in London, an off-shoot of Fergus Henderson’s famous restaurant.

In nearly 400 pages, Farokh Talati grounds us thoroughly in pantry staples such as spice blends and pickles, introduces us to the creation of fresh dairy products and offers recipes for everything from breakfast eggs, quick snacks, and rice and lentil dishes, to richly flavored stews and curries, and of course desserts. The recipes are detailed, with abundant clues as to the texture or flavor you should expect.

Talati engagingly describes the role a dish may play in daily life: some are celebratory, others are quick improvisations that change depending on what’s abundant in the kitchen. It's clear that he’s both an enthusiastic eater as well as cook, and he conveys those qualities to his readers well.

Please bear in mind that the type in this book is small and slender.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

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