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Pam the Jam: The Book of Preserves

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by Pam Corbin
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As Diana Henry says, "Pam Corbin is the master and the first person I turn to for everything to do with preserving."

An enthusiastic home preserver who turned her passion into one of Britain's most esteemed and successful artisan jam making companies, she has been partnered with the River Cottage enterprise in the past. In this, her first independent book, Corbin presents an appealing array of jams, compote, jellies, fruit curds, marmalades, pickles, chutneys, and savory jams.

A frequent hallmark of her recipes is the use of less sugar than required in many older recipes or in store-bought preserves designed for maximum shelf life. As she says, the jam recipes in this book "won't keep for years and years—but, quite honestly, who wants to have their cupboard full of the same sticky sweet jams for that long?" A number of them do contain added pectin to handle some of the setting work that sugar might otherwise do.

What will you find here that you won't commonly see in other preserving books? As examples: apple snow: a creamy jam with a caramel boost; pear and chocolate spread; ginger and zucchini jam; nasturtium jelly with Szechuan peppercorns; bergamot-lemon marmelade; savory onion and tamarind jam. Fresh and fun and authoritative.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout. UK measurements.

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