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Pains De Boulangers

Pains De Boulangers

Mouette Barboff
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This is a fascinating tour of the breads that are the pride of different French regions and cities. Each bread is given a thorough introduction that includes as much as is known of its history and the reason it enjoys a special place in the culture of a particular place. Among the many breads included are the pain brié of Calvados, the fouée of Touraine and Anjou, the portemanteau of Toulouse, the rye from Thiézac, the fougasse of the Mediterranean Midi, the boiled bread of the Alps, and, of course, the Parisian baguette. Extensive photography shows traditional mixing and shaping methods, as well as the use of a variety of ovens and other equipment (some of which would probably horrify bureaucrats in Brussels obsessed with modernization of production standards). Available in English as well. The author is an ethnologist and social anthropologist specializing in bread. In French. Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.  
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