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Opera (French)

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by Cedric Grolet
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This lushly photographed book presents the pastries that Cedric Grolet offers at the patisserie he recently opened a few blocks from Paris’s famed Opera house. There Grolet largely leaves behind the trompe l’oieil showmanship of his earlier Fruit and demonstrates command of classic baker’s artistry, even as he employs it in fresh and elegant ways.

With chapters on viennoiseries, patisserie, and finished desserts, Opera offers plenty of practical inspiration for changing up popular standards. Grolet updates a classic couronne by using a laminated dough that is formed into a pull-apart ring of spiraled buns. He minaturizes Sachertortes and Paris Brest for individual servings, and offers a free-form galette-like tarte à la crème.

It’s worth noting that recipe instructions are very brief and assume a strong acquaintance with professional pastry work.

An English-language edition is due in October, 2020.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout. In French.

Published: February 14, 2020

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