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OP: Vintage Ad: Kool-Aid…5¢ package makes two quarts

OP: Vintage Ad: Kool-Aid…5¢ package makes two quarts

1954, unidentified magazine
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This is an actual advertisement taken from the pages of a popular magazine. It captures the spirit and aesthetic of another era, sometimes more than a century ago.

These remarkable pieces of art make wonderful kitchen decorations. They can also be delightfully apt gifts to commemorate a special occasion, whether a birthday or anniversary, or the launch of a new culinary enterprise.

The ads are just as you see them in the photos. With the passage of time their paper has sometimes yellowed slightly and become more brittle, so you should take care in handling and framing them. Occasionally, small pieces of the ads may have come lose at the margin, but you will be able to see anything like that in the photos, which are taken here in the store.

It’s also worth noting that social attitudes reflected in these ads can sometimes be woefully retrograde.

Each ad is shipped in a plastic sleeve reinforced with card stock.

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