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OP: Vernors Recipes

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by Powell Associates

Powell Associates, ND. Staplebound pamphlet. Good.

Invented in Detroit in 1866, Vernors is the oldest ginger ale still in production in the US. Once known for its four-month oak cask aging and particularly spicy zing, the soda has a cult following centered in the Upper-Midwest.

This 14 page, 3” x 5” booklet offers about a dozen suggested uses for Vernors, other than curing a tummy ache. A bold choice would be baking and basting a clove-studded ham with two bottles of Vernors—”a simple way to bring a new, delightful aroma and flavor…” 

On the more expected side, a Vernors sherbet punch and a Vernors Cooler (aka Boston Cooler)—a float with vanilla ice cream.

Or, “for the child who is tired of milk,” mix equal portions of milk and ginger ale; “easy to prepare, it’s a healthful, rich beverage with a stimulating zest and sparkle.”

Though undated, the advertisement was certainly published after 1959, at which time the apostrophe had been dropped from the original name, Vernor’s. A photograph of the bottling plant on the rear cover advertises its daily tours.

Our copy bears a large stain to the rear cover, which carries throughout the book. Fortunately, it remains totally legible and has no major rippling. 

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