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OP: Veal Cookery

OP: Veal Cookery

Craig Claiborne and Pierre Franey
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This is one of the very few books devoted to this particular meat. The recipes were collected from restaurants around the world, as well as a number from home kitchens. Particularly of interest is a very useful section on variety meats—the “odd bits”—brains, feet, liver, sweetbreads, tongue, kidneys, and more.

From Delmonico’s outpost in Mexico City, you might try the grenadins of veal seasoned with ancho and cumin, dressed with almond sauce, and served over rice; or from the Four Seasons in New York the kalbsnieren braten (roast veal Swiss-style with kidney), an herbaceous, aromatic preparation well accompanied by potato puree; or from the Commander’s Palace in New Orleans, the veal Marcelle, a variation on veal Oscar, tenderized, fried, and served with mushrooms, crabmeat, and hollandaise.

This copy is a second printing in Near Fines condition and a Very Good, price clipped dust jacket. A wonderful resource.
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