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OP: Today...What Salad...What Dessert? Jell-O Brings Dozens of Answers...

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by The Jell-O Company

The Jell-O Company, Inc., 1928. Staplebound pamphlet. Good.

“No need to wrinkle your forehead over that perpetual question, ‘What shall we have for dessert tonight?’ For—here’s Jell-O!” begins this 1928 promotional pamphlet for the gelatin-based, fruit-flavored confection.

But they sell themselves a little short here when, in addition to the dozens of dessert options—paradise pudding, cherry surprise, prune and raisin mould, and flaked ambrosia, to name a few—there are also fourteen salad recipes.

No diet could be miserable with such delicacies as:

  • Shower salad: a strawberry Jell-O mold studded with apple chunks, maraschino cherries, and canned pineapple, served over lettuce and garnished with mayonnaise 

  • Individual portions of lemon Jell-O with shrimp and suprêmed oranges suspended within, served over lettuce and garnished with mayonnaise 

  • Tuna fish salad—lemon Jell-O alternately layered with a zesty blend of celery, pimento, green pepper, onion, cayenne, and horseradish and canned tuna fish, served, of course, over lettuce and garnished with mayonnaise 

(Yes, you guessed it, every single “salad” involves unmolding over lettuce and garnishing with Mayonnaise. Hellman’s is specified.)

“Watch your family’s eyes brighten to match Jell-O’s radiant sparkle! Jell-O is like the princess in the fairy tale: it is as good as it is beautiful.”

Good with moderate soiling, toning, and creasing. 4.75” x 6”, 22 pages. Includes many of the attractive color illustrations for which Jello-O was known in this era. 

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