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OP: The Sportsman's Way: How to Prepare Wild Game and Waterfowl

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by Frederic H. Grinau Creations

Frederic H. Grinau Creations, 1945. Staplebound pamphlet. Very Good Minus.

Because nothing goes better together than alcohol and guns! 

Just kidding—please don’t hunt and drink. 

What you can do, however, is enjoy a cold one with your fresh game, thanks to Missouri’s Hyde Park Brewery, which has put together this ambitious cookbook for game cookery. All varieties of game animals are covered—from venison, bear, and bison to porcupine, squirrel, and duck—with an array of preparations.

To name a few offerings, we’ll call out:

  • Stewed venison saddle in pepper sauce
  • Moose steak “cowboy style”—seared with horseradish and finished with fried onions and deviled sauce
  • Roasted hare, stuffed with apple, mushroom, sausage, and herbs
  • Squirrel pot pie with a biscuit crust
  • Partridge wrapped in bacon, fried in butter, and simmered in sauerkraut, wine, and apple

This copy shows some wear and tear—chipping, ownership signatures, and a previous repair to the spine with scotch tape—but the interior is nice and clean. 6” x 9”, 96 pages.

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