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OP: The Laffont Series (26 vols)

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by Editions Robert Laffont

The 1970s in France saw an explosion of culinary energy and inventiveness practically unprecedented in the history of the kitchen. Inspired by an earlier generation of brilliant chef-mentors such as the great Fernand Point of La Pyramide, an array of younger chefs stepped up, bringing about an epic convergence of creativity and cross-germination. 

Their work—freer, lighter, straying far beyond the boundaries of the classical French canon—helped define styles that dominated both restaurant and home cooking well into the first decade of the 21st Century. This movement toward a new cuisine was documented in a series of 26 volumes, written by these chefs, published by Editions Robert Laffont in Paris.

Their influence was immense and continues to dominate not only French cooking and eating but also what came to be known as the “new international cuisine.” Of these 26, only eight were translated and published in English between 1976 and 1987. 

We offer here the complete set of 26 volumes in French, first printings except for those marked with an asterisk, and some signed by the author. Published without dust jackets, the volumes were made with a glossy laminate over boards, which is often found peeling even on those copies in the best condition. Our copies are all Very Good or Very Good minus with minimal flaws to the case, the best representations we could source for each. 6 ¼” x 9 ¾.”

    • Bardet, Jean: Recettes pour Sophie*
    • Billoux, Jean-Pierre: Recettes pour Alexis
    • Blanc, Georges: Ma Cuisine des Saisons
    • Chapel, Alain: La Cuisine c'est Beaucoup Plus Que des Recettes (signed)
    • Dard, Patrice: La Cuisine de Plein Air
    • Gagnaire, Pierre: La Cuisine Immédiate
    • Girardet, Fredy: La Cuisine Spontanee
    • Guerard, Michel: La Cuisine Gourmande*
    • Guerard, Michel: La Grande Cuisine Minceur
    • Guerard, Michel et Alain Coumont: Minceur Exquise
    • Le Divellec, Jacques et Céline Vence: La Cuisine de la Mer*
    • Les Maîtres Cuisiniers de France: Recettes du Terroir
    • Lorain, Michel et Jean Michel: La Cuisine une Passion de Père en Fils
    • Marchesi, Gualtiero: La Cuisine Italienne Réinventée*
    • Maximin, Jacques: Couleurs, Parfums et Saveurs de Ma Cuisine
    • Meneau, Marc: La Cuisine en Fêtes (signed)
    • Pacaud, Bernard: L'Ambroisie Place des Vosges à Paris
    • Peyrot, Claude: Vivarois la Cuisine (signed)
    • Robuchon, Joel: Ma Cuisine Pour Vous
    • Senderens, Alain: La Grande Cuisine à Petits Prix
    • Troisgros, Jean et Pierre: Cuisiniers à Roanne (signed by Pierre)
    • Troisgros, Pierre et Michel: Les Petit Plat des Troisgros
    • Verge, Roger: Ma Cuisine du Soleil (signed)
    • Witzigmann, Eckart: La Nouvelle Cuisine Allemande Et Autrichienne (signed)
    • Wynants, Pierre: Comme Chez Soi
    • Les Recettes des Relais Gourmands

An indispensable resource and solid representation of an era within the lineage of French chefs and cuisine.

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