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OP: The Cafe des Artistes Cookbook

OP: The Cafe des Artistes Cookbook

George Lang
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Kitchen Arts & Letters will donate all proceeds from the sale of this book from the personal collection of Gladys Bourdain to the Food Chain Workers Alliance in the memories of Anthony and Gladys Bourdain.  The price reflects our intention to raise money for this cause.

The famous Cafe des Artistes on the West Side...was a favorite 'special dinner out' venue for decades. I think Tony and I went there with our parents once or twice. It was a very long time ago.” — Christopher Bourdain

George Lang (1924–2011) was a legendary, larger-than-life personality. He knew everyone worth knowing, as one should when one is employed by or owns some of the most prestigious fine dining restaurants in New York City at their height of grandeur. Lang includes time at the Waldorf Astoria and The Four Seasons on his resume before becoming the owners of Café des Artistes, a popular gathering place for artists, writers, and others who often found themselves in the vicinity of Lincoln Center. 

Published in 1984, The Cafe des Artistes Cookbook offers a selection of the restaurant’s dishes. Homey and hearty, they represent cuisine bourgeois more than the caviar and truffle laden dishes of other high end restaurants that catered to celebrities and politicians during its heyday.

This first edition copy is in fine condition, appearing as new. Color photographs throughout, predominately of Howard Chandler Christy’s famous murals adorning the walls, help set the scene. A real treat for anyone with a nostalgic bent for the golden age of NYC dining.
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