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OP: Recipes for a Small Planet

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by Ellen Buchman Ewald

Ballantine Books, 1973. Spiral bound. Very Good Plus. First printing.

In 1971, Frances Moore Lappe wrote a revolutionary book that drew the undeniable connection between our food systems and the environment. Diet for a Small Planet made an ethical case for vegetarianism, not just for the well being of animals but also for the well being of the planet.

Lappe turned to her friend Ellen Buchman Ewald for instructions on healthful, joyful, and ethical dishes without meat. Ewald helped develop the recipes for Lappe’s book and, in 1973, published her own follow up, Recipes for a Small Planet.

In keeping with the thinking of the time, high protein, hearty dishes are the emphasis. A cabbage soup, for example, includes soybeans, wheat berries, and brown rice. The bean loaf (with tomato cheese sauce) includes your choice of bean type, tahini, and eggs. Even the bread recipes typically call for whole wheat and the addition of soy flour or grits to create a complete protein.

Bean stroganov, savory nut cake, and hot peanut cereal are all among the other dishes that harken to another era of vegetarian cuisine, all worthy of making the world a better place.

Ours is the spiral bound, scarce first printing in excellent condition. The interior is totally clean and crisp, and the covers show only modest shelfwear. 

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