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OP: Mother Wonderful's Chicken Soup

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by Myra Chanin

Published nearly 40 years ago by San Francisco’s irrepressible—and now sadly demised—101 Productions, this culinary classic is as fresh, as true, and as funny as it ever was. Food humor is a highly challenging genre, and Myra Chanin’s saga of how a Jewish mama goes about making chicken soup is one of its great triumphs. 

Through photography and a chillingly accurate narrative, it explores what might be called the social dimensions of cookery. “Early one morning,” it begins, “when you know your daughter is having a busy day, call your daughter and say you’re catching a cold. Ask if she can spare you a few minutes to drive you to a kosher butcher so she can buy a chicken with feet for soup.” 

Step by step, Chanin leads us through the process, combining kitchen procedures and pointed instructions on fail-safe methods for instilling guilt. You may want it as a gift, but odds are you’ll keep it for yourself. A genuine treat.

This is an unused first printing copy in excellent condition, published without a dust jacket but sporting an irresistible cover.

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