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OP: Lucky Peach Complete Set (24 vols)

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Lucky Peach was a quarterly magazine published from 2011 to 2017, terminated abruptly, in no way due to lack of reader interest. Its effect on the food writing world can hardly be overstated, and its vanguard, iconoclastic style has yet to be rivaled by a successor. 

Founded by chef David Chang—then at the height of his Momofuku fame—and editors Peter Meehan and Chris Ying with Anthony Bourdain’s media company, Zero Point Zero Productions, the magazine had a juggernaut of creative energy behind it. 

Many recognizable names in food media graced its pages. Some, but certainly not all, worth mentioning: Priya Krishna, Laurie Woolever, John Birdsall, Fuchsia Dunlop, Andrea Nguyen, Dorie Greenspan, Naomi Duguid, Harold McGee, Genevieve Ko, and Robert Simonson. LP saw the meteoric rise of many of its contributors—and the fall into infamy of others.

Pushing the envelope but never falling into gimmickry, the magazine had real substance in addition to a zany design and irreverent tone. LP was undeniably cool and remains influential on the next generation of writers and artists.

The popularity of Lucky Peach hasn’t waned much in the 5 years since it folded, and we regularly have requests for various issues. It took some work, but we have put together a complete set of all 24 issues in Very Good condition and minimal shelfwear. The only exception is issue #15, which has liquid damage impacting the lower edge throughout the first quarter of the magazine. Legibility has not been sacrificed.

Included are:

  • Vol 1: The Ramen Issue
  • Vol 2: The Sweet Spot
  • Vol 3: The Cooks and Chefs Issue
  • Vol 4: The American Food Issue
  • Vol 5: The Chinatown Issue
  • Vol 6: Before and After the Apocalypse
  • Vol 7: The Travel Issue
  • Vol 8: The Gender Issue
  • Vol 9: The Cooks and Chefs Issue #2
  • Vol 10: The Street Food Issue
  • Vol 11: All You Can Eat
  • Vol 12: The Seashore
  • Vol 13: The Holiday Issue
  • Vol 14: Obsession
  • Vol 15: The Plant Kingdom
  • Vol 16: The Fantasy Issue
  • Vol 17: The Breakfast Issue
  • Vol 18: The Versus Issue
  • Vol 19: The Pho Issue
  • Vol 20: The Cooks and Chefs Issue #3
  • Vol 21: Los Angeles
  • Vol 22: Chicken
  • Vol 23: The Suburbs Issue
  • Vol 24/25: The Best Of Issue

Essential reading for just about anybody.

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