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OP: Les Meilleures Recettes Culinaires pour Poissons et Crustaces

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by Le Comité Boulonnais de Propagande pour Consommation des Produits de la Mer

In France, as early as the 1920s, local groups representing the fishing industry issued annual books promoting cooking and eating seafood products. Offering substantial advice on buying and handling the bounty of the country’s extensive coasts, these low-priced publications were extremely popular. 

Their general content did not vary greatly from year to year, but some new material was introduced from time to time while other was dropped. Very useful entries on individual species are constant in all editions. 

Sponsored and distributed by Le Comité Boulonnais de Propagande pour Consommation des Produits de la Mer, our copy, published in 1936, is 114 pages, designated as the 10th edition, and in French. The interior, with a number of illustrations of a variety of marine species, is clean, though the high-acid paper is discoloring. We notice some irregularity in pagination, which seems to be the result of a post-production fix for a manufacturing error. The content, however, appears to be complete. Issued in a rather flimsy paperback, our copy lost some of its sturdiness, so we have had it recased in clothbound hardcover. The handsome cover illustration, used in a variety of colors in different editions, and the spine have been laid on. There are some appealing ad pages interspersed throughout.

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