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OP: La Cuisinière de la Campagne et de la Ville

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by Louis-Eustache Audot

Librairie Audot, 1884. Hardcover. Very Good.

In the nineteenth and early twentieth century, if a French home owned a cookbook, the odds are very strong that it was a copy of this hefty volume—over 700 pages with hundreds of drawings and engravings—known familiarly as “Audot.” 

The author, Louis-Eustache Audot (1783–1870), wrote extensively about food and food science. La Cuisinière de la Campagne et de la Ville was his most well-known and widely distributed work, first published in 1818 and in print for over a hundred years. 

The initial 100 pages or so address marketing, kitchen operations, utensils, table service, and carving. As for the recipes, Audot offers instructions for more than a thousand dishes, including basic sauces, garnishes, and other necessities for kitchen and table. 

Because of its popularity and longevity, the book saw many, many printings. Ours is dated 1884, styled the 62nd edition, and, impressively, remains sturdy and bright. Some discoloration and an occasional penmark may be found throughout. Bookworm damage but not extensive. Bound in green binder’s cloth with “Cook Book” stamped in gold on the spine. Previous owners’ bookplate and signature in the front. Overall, a strong Very Good. In French

This copy was acquired from the Sontheimer Foundation Library. Carl Sontheimer (1914–1998) invented the original Cuisinart food processor.

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