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OP: Kitchen Fun

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by Louise Price Bell

Children, it hardly needs saying, just love being in the kitchen. It’s a warm, comfortable place where something alway seems to be going on, and the air seems always to be filled with smells that make you hungry. And it is the rare child who doesn’t wish to crack open the eggs, pour the milk, shell the peas, mash the potatoes, and, of course, lick the bowl. In time, after watching and sampling no longer quite satisfies, the little ones discover they want to do it all themselves—to make what they want and to run the show. 

Kitchen Fun, originally published in 1932, is written for the youngest of new cooks. The ingredients and measurements are illustrated with sweet little color drawings. The instructions, given one on each line, are simple and totally clear. It is expected that a parent will be nearby to turn on the stove and make sure that nothing will burn. A short, pleasant book, probably for the four- or five-year-old.

Our copy is the 1996 reprint, clean and Fine by all accounts—a rarity among children’s cookbooks. Very sweet and good fun.

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