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OP: From My Mother's Kitchen

OP: From My Mother's Kitchen

Mimi Sheraton
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Kitchen Arts & Letters will donate all proceeds from the sale of this book from the personal collection of Gladys Bourdain to the Food Chain Workers Alliance in the memories of Anthony and Gladys Bourdain.  The price reflects our intention to raise money for this cause.

This first edition (1979) copy of one of the leading Jewish cookbooks, by the highly respected New York Times columnist, restaurant critic, and close friend of Ms. Bourdain, Mimi Sheraton (1926– ), is perhaps the most evidently loved book in this collection—as it is in most. You will find here home-style recipes, mainly from Eastern Europe, presented with wit and charm. From the classics such as matzo ball and gefilte fish to less-known special and regional dishes such as russell (fermented beet borscht) and p’tcha (jellied calves’ feet). 

This major work was also available in a revised edition in 1991, though neither edition is available any longer. Collectors much prefer the earlier one, if for no reason other than its classic dustjacket. They have become quite hard to find. 

This copy is Very Good with a clean interior and solid binding. The dust jacket shows most of the wounds of having been in a kitchen and pulled off the shelf time and again for many years. There is some damp staining on the rear top and bottom edge, and there is a good deal of chipping, primarily along the top edge, front and back. Most of the paperloss is at the head and foot of the spine, but we have put it in a mylar sleeve to protect from further damage. Previously repaired with packing tape on the front of the jacket. A time-honored treasure.

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