OP: Dictionary of Italian Cuisine

OP: Dictionary of Italian Cuisine

Maureen B. Fant and Howard M. Isaacs
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Popular but regrettably short-lived, this dictionary has been a much-admired resource for those concerned with the food and cooking of Italy. With more than 5,000 entries, this Italian-to-English reference contains both simple definitions and, as appropriate, longer expositions incorporating cultural content. Particularly valuable is the attention given to regional food words, critical in the world of Italian food. Zucchini, we find, is called corcorighedda in Sardinia, and what is called salamme in Puglia is the small shark known as gattucio in most other parts of the country.  

Another of the dictionary’s strengths is that it treats not only the obvious food ingredients and traditional dishes but also includes kitchen equipment, cooking processes, and even the words used to describe foods. The authors, both Americans and long-time residents in Italy, are well equipped to have prepared this excellent book. Fant is a translator and food writer; Isaacs is publisher of a newsletter from Italy reviewing hotels and restaurants.

Our copy⁠—a hardcover first edition, signed by both authors, with dust jacket⁠—is unused and in Near Fine condition.
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