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OP: Bestiarium Gastronomicae, Signed Copy

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by Gyula Madarasz and Andoni Luis Aduriz

One of the four works in the Cuadernos de Mugaritz series, Bestiarum Gastronomicae (vol 3), draws its inspiration from the paintings of Hungarian naturalist Gyula Madarâs, offering a fanciful world of edible creatures which mimic the leaves, berries, and other elements among which they live. The Cuadernosset, produced under the auspices of the great Spanish restaurant Mugaritz, reflects a whimsical yet passionate obsession with ingredients and fundamental techniques.

This copy is signed by Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz. It is unused and a likely first printing.

Paperback. Color photographs throughout, as well as stickers you place within the book. In Spanish.

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