OP: Banana Cookbook

OP: Banana Cookbook

Reba E. Shepard
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The banana is the most widely consumed fruit in the US and the second most worldwide. Many of us, however, are probably simply peeling our bananas and eating them raw with minimal fuss and fanfare. 

This little comb-bound book, published in 1986 by the Carribean branch of Macmillan, offers over 100 recipes for cooking bananas and plantains. Naturally, we find here some expected uses of the sweet, yellow variety of banana like muffins, coffee cakes, waffles, and, of course, smoothies. But we are intrigued by more uncommon uses, such as a banana omelet—resembling more of a sweet custard than the flavors and textures of a traditional omelet—or a whole roast chicken stuffed with mashed bananas, onion, garlic, and lemon. 

Pies, puddings, frozen desserts, and breads abound. The versatility is impressive.

Our copy is in Very Good plus condition, likely unused. A fun treat for the banana enthusiast in your life.
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