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Book Cover: OP: A Taste of Japan

OP: A Taste of Japan

Donald Richie
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The cuisine of Japan encompasses one of the most intricate style-sensitive food traditions in the world. From the raising and processing of ingredients to the methods of preparation, service, tableware, customs and manners, every detail is treated with almost reverential care. 

Donald Richie, an American who lived in Japan for more than 50 years, gives us a very useful introduction to every aspect of the Japanese approach to food. Examining closely the different families of foods in Japan, from sushi to the many varieties of meruni (noodles), tsukemono (pickles) and the popular mochi confections, he explores all the fundamentals, from production to dining etiquette. 

Heavily illustrated in color and black and white. This is a second printing copy in excellent condition, save for a price clipped jacket with a tear at the head of the spine and a small bit of paper missing from the rear. A very useful book.

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