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One Week With Yann Duytsche

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by Yann Duytsche
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Born and trained in France but now one of Spain’s leading pastry chefs and the proprietor of the Barcelona pastry Dolc, Duytsche is known for his innovation as well as his dedication to the refinement of his production methods. As he says here, “These are creations that have matured and evolved for a long time to achieve success (they are not prototypes.)”

The 65 pastries in this book are arranged in six chapters, each of which represents a different day of the week and a different type of baked good: doughs on Monday, cookies and verrines on Tuesday, chocolates on Wednesday, cakes on Thursday, plated desserts on Friday, mignardises on Saturday, and tartlets on Sunday. Throughout the book the author sometimes offers advice on how to best sell the items. For a pair of mini-truffles he notes that they are “specifically designed to taste with coffee. They are sold wrapped in a 150 g ballotin to promote an impulsive and attractive sale.”

Packed with inspiring flavor and presentation ideas, but wholly practical thanks to Duytsche’s meticulous recipes.

In Spanish and English. Color photographs throughout. Hardcover.

Published: December 1, 2017

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