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by Oriol Balaguer
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Balaguer’s first solo book in fifteen years shows that the pastry chef who came to the fore at El Bulli in the late 1990s is still restlessly reinventing things.

There is a more mature confidence on display in this book than in his original Dessert Cuisine; Obsession relies less on technical innovation and more on flavor surprises and visual delights in its range of plated desserts, cakes, confections, and viennoiserie.

New York-style cheesecake is reassembled with a tender raspberry pâte de fruits and a vinegar reduction; a chocolate, apricot, mandarin, and marshmallow cake makes playful reference to the sculptures of Richard Serra; and a puff-pastry brioche spiral would easily be the most dramatic item on any breakfast plate. Brilliant.

In English and Spanish. Cloth. Color photographs throughout.  

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