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Nothing Fancy: The Art of Having People Over

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by Alison Roman
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"I have always been allergic to the word 'entertaining.' But having people over? Well, that's just making dinner, but you know, with more people."

The bestselling author of Dining In, Alison Roman has done a wonderful job capturing a contemporary approach to home cooking as practiced by people who actually enjoy cooking. And although this book's visual style suggests kinship with countless Instagram bloggers, Roman's approach to food is less grounded in trends of the moment than in a love of good ingredients, great flavor, and a knowledge of classics.

For the record, neither kale or avocado appear in the index of this book.

Recipes are arranged roughly by how one might think of putting dinner together: salads, sides, mains, after dinner. And we noted happily that her "snack" chapter is further divided into sections such as "fruits and vegetables," "dips, spreads, and stuff on crackers," and "crunchy things, salty things."

Among the dishes you'll find here, iceberg with pecorino, crushed olives, and pickled chile; beets with buttermilk and walnuts; soy-braised brisket with caramelized honey and garlic; crushed blackberry and cornmeal cake.

So let's be honest. You don't have to share this food with anyone else. But they would probably like it.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

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