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Nomad Cookbook

Nomad Cookbook

Daniel Humm & Will Guidara
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NYC’s NoMad (which stands for North of Madison Square Park) is the more casual cousin of the Michelin three-star Eleven Madison Park, and is known for a vibrant buzz and creative food that, in the words of chef Humm and general manager Guidara, strives to be a Rolling Stones-inspired counterpart to the Miles Davis vibe of the aforementioned EMP. It’s a restaurant where simplicity has a real role to play—snap peas in a buttermilk vinaigrette—but so do funky riffs on culinary classics: black bass with scallions, rhubarb, and green garlic. This is not a restaurant with a single point of culinary reference. It’s a free-wheeling symphony of flavor and ingredients that gracefully moves from French and Italian references to rustic American inspirations: radicchio with Granny Smith apples and mozzarella; hot dogs with bacon, black truffle, and celery; blackberry cobbler with brioche and lime. Also included, tucked into a pocket at the back of the cookbook, is The NoMad Cocktail Book, Robitschek’s delightful collection of drinks from the restaurant’s buzz-generating bar. Most are original creations, and all are categorized on scale of five qualities: refreshing, spirituous, venturesome, bitter, and citrusy. Color photographs throughout. The cookbook is hardcover; the drinks book is flexibound.
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